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Gutiérrez-García, K.*, Whitaker, M.R.L.*, E.D. Bustos-Díaz, S. Salzman, H.E. Ramos-Aboites, Z.L. Reitz, N.E. Pierce, A. Cibrián-Jaramillo, F. Barona-Gómez. Specialized metabolic convergence in the gut microbiomes of cycad-feeding insects tolerant to β-methylamino-L-alanine (BMAA). In Review at ISME. *Co-first authors. Preprint on BioRxiv.

Whitaker, M.R.L., S.A. Banack, M.C. Mescher, P.A. Cox, C.M. De Moraes. BMAA in cycad-feeding Lepidoptera: defensive sequestration or bioaccumulation? In Review at Frontiers in Ecology & Evolution. Invited contribution to special issue: Women in Chemical Ecology

Whitaker, M.R.L., F. Gilliéron, C. Skirgaila, M.C. Mescher, C.M. De Moraes. 2022. Experimental evidence challenges the presumed defensive function of a “slow toxin” in cycads. Scientific Reports 12: 6013. 

Valencia-Montoya, W.A, Quental, T.B., Tonini, J.F.R., Lamas, G., Talavera, G., Crall, J.D., Liénard, M.A.,  Salzman, S., Whitaker, M.R.L., Busby, R.C., Kawahara, A.Y., Lohman, D.J., Robbins, R.K., N.E. Pierce. 2021. Evolutionary tradeoffs between male secondary sexual traits revealed by a phylogeny of the hyperdiverse tribe Eumaeini (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae). Proceedings of the Royal Society B 288: 20202512.  PDF

Liénard, M.A., G.D. Bernard, A.A. Allena, J. Lassance, S. Song, R. Childers, N. Yu, D. Yeb, A. Stephenson, W. Valencia-Montoya, S. Salzman, M.R.L. Whitaker, M. Calonje, F. Zhanga, N.E. Pierce. 2021. The evolution of red colour vision is linked to coordinated rhodopsin tuning in lycaenid butterflies. PNAS 118(6): e2008986118. PDF

Whitaker, M.R.L., S.S. Salzman. 2020. Ecology and evolution of cycad-feeding Lepidoptera. Ecology Letters 23: 1862-1877. Cover article. PDF

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Molleman, F., J. Javoiš, R. Davis, M.R.L. Whitaker, T. Tammaru, A. Prinzing, E. Õunap, N. Wahlberg, U. Kodandaramaiah, K. Aduse-Poku, A. Kaasik, J. Carey. 2020. Quantifying the effects of species traits on predation risk in nature: a comparative study of butterfly wing damage.  Journal of Animal Ecology 89:716–729. PDF

Whitaker, M.R.L, S.S. Salzman, C. Baker, D.J. Martins, N.E. Pierce. 2019. Combining stable isotope analysis with DNA metabarcoding improves inferences of trophic ecology. PLOS ONE 14(7): e0219070. PDF  (Featured in Ecology: Concepts and Applications (9th Ed.))

Szenteczki, M., C. Pitteloud, L.P. Casacci, L. Kešnerová, M. Whitaker, P. Engel, R. Vila, A. Nadir. 2019. Bacterial communities within Phengaris (Maculinea) alcon caterpillars are shifted following transition from solitary living to social parasitism of Myrmica ant colonies. Ecology and Evolution 9(8): 4452-4464. PDF

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Molleman, F., M.R. Whitaker, J.R Carey. 2010. Rating palatability of butterflies using the duration of feeding bouts of ants. Entomologishe Berichten 70(2): 52-62. PDF

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