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Whitaker Lab

Undergraduate Research

The Whitaker lab undergraduate research is made up of freshmen-senior Bachelor degree students at East Tennessee State University.

Adrienne Holtsclaw


B.S. Biology Student

Adrienne Holtsclaw is currently in her second semester of a research oriented course. This course focuses on understanding what makes up a good research project and presentation. She is interested in interactions among flora and fauna, such as predator and prey interactions and chemical defense. She loves the mountains and everything in them. She loves to go kayaking and hammocking. She spends most of her free time trying to learn new things that pique her interest. 


Kensie Puckett

B.S. Biology Student

Kensie is currently a senior at ETSU. Her interest in the lab fall within insect rearing, preservation, and management. Kensie loves to lend a helping hand to the variety of experiments in the lab. Kensie's true love is veterinary medicine. Biological, chemical, and physiological aspects of medicine are especially interesting to her. The Whitaker lab has given her so much experience with research and valuable knowledge of asking questions and finding answers. 

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